How to carve patterns part 1 ~ From the lattice to the scales ~

how to carve

If you are looking for a detailed level of skill in wood carving, it may be a good idea to carve patterns as a practice first. A pattern is a series of patterns, so if you can't carve precise lines and surfaces, it won't look complete. In other words, it can be said to be a perfect tool for learning the technique of carving precise lines and surfaces. If you can carve patterns, you can apply it to carving patterns on accessories, coasters, furniture, etc., so there is no harm in doing it.

Now, I explain pattern carving several times from now on. In the first part, I explain how to carve the lattice and scales.



Use carbon paper to copy a lattice pattern onto a postcard-sized wooden board. The sketch can be downloaded from here (PDF of lattice pattern) , so please use it.


1. Line carving a lattice pattern

Carve the lines of the lattice. This time, I carve with a 3mm triangular chisel.


Make sure to carve at a constant depth, and be careful not to shake the chisel midway. If the carving depth becomes deeper or shallower, and if it is not stable, the line will become thicker or thinner, and it will not be a beautiful straight line. Also, if the chisel moves, the lines will look limp and unstable.

If it is difficult to carve a long straight line, you can try connecting short straight lines to make them longer.
It's simple and requires patience, but aim for a clean straight line. Intersecting straight lines creates a beautiful grid.


2. Carving a scale pattern from a lattice pattern

If you carve a slope on half of the line-carved lattice, it become a scale pattern.

you create a triangular slope in the diagonally shaded area below, so use a sharp chisel to make cuts on the two sides of the triangle. At this time, make it deeper toward the corners of the grid.


Next, carve diagonally toward the corners of the lattice with a flat chisel to create triangular slopes.


Repeat this to create a scale pattern.


3.Create your own design from a lattice pattern

The scale pattern was created by creating slopes in the same direction, but you can also create different patterns by mixing the directions of the slopes. Carving method are the same, but they look completely different. Design your own and experiment. Don't forget to carve carefully!


How to carve patterns

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