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I will write down the guidelines for determining the size when making wood carvings. Although some of th ...

way of thinking


 Whether it’s academics, music, sports, wood carving, it’s important to have a solid foundation first. An ...

how to carve


Ride the waves.

This time I  carve the next sketch wave as simply as possible, but it is quite difficult. If yo ...

how to carve


This time, I carve the clouds in the next sketch as simply as possible.

If you can do it well, make a hole in a pa ...

how to carve

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This time, I explain how to carve Kikko and Yagasuri.

Kikko is a pattern made up of regular hexagons, and it go ...

how to carve


This time,  I will explain how to carve “Ichimatsu” and “Sankuzushi”.

“Ichimatsu& ...

how to carve


This time, I explain how to carve Kikubishi and Yaegiku.

“Kikubishi” is a diamond-shaped chrysanthe ...

how to carve


“Nejiume” is the shape of twisted plum petals.

This time I explain how to carve two types of twiste ...

how to carve


This time we use a sharp chisel and a drill.

The patterns we  be working on are “Chidori” and ̶ ...

how to carve


This is a supplementary lecture on how to control lines with a single sharp chisel when carving patterns .

If y ...