how to carve


Ride the waves.

This time I  carve the next sketch wave as simply as possible, but it is quite difficult. If yo ...

how to carve


This time, I carve the clouds in the next sketch as simply as possible.

If you can do it well, make a hole in a pa ...

how to carve

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This time, I explain how to carve Kikko and Yagasuri.

Kikko is a pattern made up of regular hexagons, and it go ...

how to carve


This time,  I will explain how to carve “Ichimatsu” and “Sankuzushi”.

“Ichimatsu& ...

how to carve


This time, I explain how to carve Kikubishi and Yaegiku.

“Kikubishi” is a diamond-shaped chrysanthe ...

how to carve


“Nejiume” is the shape of twisted plum petals.

This time I explain how to carve two types of twiste ...

how to carve


This time we use a sharp chisel and a drill.

The patterns we  be working on are “Chidori” and ̶ ...

how to carve


This is a supplementary lecture on how to control lines with a single sharp chisel when carving patterns .

If y ...

how to carve


This time too, We carve with a single sharp chisel.

The patterns we work on are “Kemanmon” and R ...

how to carve


This time, we simply carve a pattern consisting of “straight lines” using a single sharp chisel.

Th ...