height: 50cm

木彫「夜明け」 Dawn

height: 46cm

雲牛(くもうし) cloud cow

height: 6cm

エゾシマリス Ezo chipmunk

height: 17.5cm

Wood carver- Munenobu Nagata


I live in Japan, carving wood.

After witnessing the death of my grandmother, who had been a great person to me, I began sculpting Buddhist statues under the guidance of Buddhist sculptor Keisen Katsurano. Due to my incurable eye disease, my three-dimensional vision had appeared two-dimensional and I had gave up on it, but with my feelings for my grandmother in mind, I acquired a three-dimensional sensation in my own way. From that experience, I realized that ``giving form with all my heart'' is the basis of my own manufacturing, and I have been active ever since.