Solidify the foundation and pave the way

way of thinking

 Whether it's academics, music, sports, wood carving, it's important to have a solid foundation first. Anyone can easily start wood carving as long as they have wood and a chisel, but if you carve one carving after another without solidifying your foundation, you won't make progress or produce good works. After joining the class, I receive thorough training on how to hold and carry a chisel in order to carve with high precision , but no one can do it right from the start. This is natural, as it is necessary to master multiple movements in a unified manner.
 It may be easier to understand if you compare it to riding a bicycle.


When you ride a bicycle, you are performing multiple actions at the same time. You check your surroundings for safety, use your body to balance yourself, use your hands to operate the steering wheel, and use your feet to pedal. People who ride a bicycle for the first time think of these as separate movements, so their awareness becomes divided and they cannot ride well. However, once they get used to the movements, each movement becomes one movement, and all they have to do is check that their surroundings are safe, and the rest becomes easier.

If you find it difficult to understand while riding a bicycle, you can easily understand it by holding chopsticks with your non-dominant hand and eating. You won't know what to do with each finger or when to grab them, and you'll probably have trouble eating. It is necessary to unify multiple actions.


The same goes for laying the foundation for wood carving. At first, you should be conscious of using each finger and wrist of your right and left hands at the same time. The foundation is completed when multiple movements are unified. The basics are deep and cannot be mastered easily. It doesn't matter if it's about 70% complete at first. It is important to keep in mind to gradually improve .
If you take the time to solidify your foundation here, you will be able to proceed smoothly with carving without getting lost or getting discouraged along the way.However, in reality, there are a surprising number of people who think they have mastered the technique, but in a hurry to move on, end up doing their own carving with low precision. In this case, you should be careful as it will soon become difficult or impossible to handle.

If you approach wood carving without thinking that it is a waste in the long run and with the premise that you first have a thorough foundation, you will be able to open up a new path.