Physical changes

way of thinking

The body is honest. If you practice, you will develop, and if you do nothing, you will degenerate.

This also applies to wood carving.

Beginners try to carve with only a few fingers of their dominant hand, but as they progress, all the fingers of their left and right hands begin to work together. Also, depending on how you carve, his arms, upper body, and even lower body will be linked. No matter how much you think about it, you can't get this feeling. It can only be acquired through training through repeated practice.

The same goes for 3D sensation. If you train your eyes, the way you see three-dimensional objects will change. You will be able to understand distortions, misalignments, and the balance of shapes. This can only be achieved through repetition. If you look at three-dimensional objects with a careless attitude, you will never be able to grasp them in a careless way.

This development has little to do with age. If you can't do it now, it's mostly because you haven't used your body in that way before.