Carve while improving

way of thinking

Many people start carving wood and feel that they can't carve the way they want.

As you realize how difficult wood carving is, you may also lose confidence.

What I want you to remember at times like this is to "carve as you improve."

If you don't understand this, you will continue to carve blindly with only the power you have now, and you will end up carving only a messy shape. If you work honestly and sincerely, you will definitely improve.

I think you'll understand if you remember the past. Everyone has the experience of improving.

Running, singing, writing, various sports, hobbies, etc., from the time I was born until now, there is no end to it. You may have been able to do it well from the beginning, or you may have improved little by little with practice.

The same goes for wood carving. However, first we need to clearly know what we can and cannot do. The classroom will give you an opportunity to find out.

Clearly recognize what you cannot do, think about how you can overcome it, and put it into practice. Sometimes you can get over it quickly, and sometimes you can't. It's a repetition. Even if the end result is bad, you will always learn something in the process.

There is a hint in the repetition.