Physical changes 2

way of thinking


Continuation from last time. If you train your body, it will develop, and if you do nothing, it will deteriorate.

This time, we will talk about the changes that occurred in a person's body while carving wood.

I hope this will be helpful for those who can't carve well right now.

Mr. A cuts his finger every lesson with a chisel that does not move his fingers.

Mr. A was clumsy, and every time he used a chisel to carve wood, his hand slipped and he cut his finger, causing it to bleed.

His fingers had degenerated. If he try to move only your index finger, his middle finger, ring finger, and little finger will also move.

The same thing happened when he tried to move only his ring finger or his little finger.

However, after about six months since he started carving, he started cutting his fingers less frequently, and a year later, he no longer cuts his fingers at all. What happened to him?

He realized that he was clumsy and had been training his fingers even when he wasn't carving.

He has been massaging his fingers while walking or taking a bath, and practicing moving each finger one at a time. Also, as his fingers begin to move little by little, it becomes fun to do, and he can use his non-dominant hand to eat with chopsticks or throw a ball around, and watch your body change. It seems like he's been enjoying it.

He is currently using the chisel comfortably. He was able to achieve this because he believed that the body changes over time.

Mr. B, who has an eye disorder

Mr. B has been suffering from an eye disease since he was a teenager, his daily vision is unstable, he gets tired easily, and his lifestyle is clearly different from that of normal people.

He had a poor sense of three-dimensionality and was having trouble carving three-dimensional objects the way he wanted.

Although there was a possibility that his illness was involved, he did not give up.

I was trying to somehow capture the 3D object as a 3D object by looking at it from various angles and adjusting the lighting.

He noticed a change in his eyes about a year after he started carving.

He says. When I was watching the sunset from the train, the clouds looked incredibly three-dimensional. Also, when the sparrow was flying, the flapping of its wings could be seen in 3D when viewed frame by frame.

Currently, He perceives 3D objects as 3D objects, and is able to grasp distortions and shifts.


This is a real change that happened to Mr. A and Mr. B.

I affirm on behalf of Mr. A and Mr. B that this kind of physical change is not a miracle, but a human ability.

Because Mr. A and Mr. B are both me.